Technik Maschine

Technical service for our customers

Besides a world-wide network of production sites Evonik maintains research & development centers for rubber reinforcement. The main technical center is located in Wesseling (Germany) where physicists, chemists and engineers investigate into the mechanism of rubber reinforcement and develop new products to meet future requirements of the rubber industry. A modern and well-equipped laboratory is available for research work, for application studies and for centralized test programs to monitor the in-rubber performance of our products. Evonik continuously works on improvements of test methods and is actively involved in standard organizations.

Technical Service engineers offer technical support in all questions related to our product range, quality features and to the most beneficial application of our products. Additional service units are at our customers‘ disposal when it comes to specific questions regarding product safety, product handling, logistics or packaging. Beyond this, the central laboratories of Evonik may be consulted for sophisticated analytical tests.

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