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Handling and logistics


Powdered and granulated precipitated silica  require adequate handling long before they are actually introduced into the customer’s processes. Handling phases comprise:

  • Emptying the packaging

  • Bulk storage

  • Transporting the product within the plant

  • Dosage

  • Feeding the product into the customer’s processing equipment

At Hanau site near Frankfurt, Germany, Evonik has set up a handling lab facility with experts ready to answer any questions or help to solve any problems that may arise in relation to the above steps. In addition, this handling task force also fulfills a consultant role, e.g. in designing processing facilities, from draft blueprints to project completion.

You will find detailed information in Technical Bulletin 28 “Handling of Sythetic Silicas and Silicates”, which can be provided on request.

For further information, contact our applications technology support service.

Logistics / Packaging

ULTRASIL® rubber silica are available in the following packaging variants: 

  • Sacks on pallets

  • FIBC on pallets

  • Silo vehicle

The extensive product range makes a listing of all available packaging forms and sizes impractical at this stage. Please refer to your contact for details on packaging weights and silo vehicle volumes.