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A distinguished combination - The solution for the 'Green Tire' Technology

Evonik is the only producer and supplier of silica-silane reinforcing systems for the rubber industry.

The use of silica-silane reinforcing system is the key-solution enabling the production of low-rolling resistance tires, environmentally friendly “Green Tires”. Precipitated silica in combination with a silane coupling agent provides the compounder in the tire industry with the essential tool to improve wet traction for better driving safety and better winter properties as well as reduce rolling resistance leading to lower fuel consumption caused by the tire, without deterioration of other properties, such as tread wear. Evonik offers globally a broad range of conventional and highly dispersible rubber silica grades to the industry under the trade name ULTRASIL®.

Evonik’s silica products vary in surface area between 120 to 200m²/g and are available in granulated form, tailor-made for this industry.

Although carbon black is the dominant filler in mechanical rubber good providing excellent reinforcement and aging protection, silica has its unique applications. Whenever it comes to coloured or transparent articles silica is the reinforcing filler of choice as carbon black is detrimental.

Also, if electric insulation properties, enhanced tear resistance or dynamic behaviour is required, silica is the product of choice. As a consequence of the hydrophilic nature of silica, compatibility with polymers is low and activators as co-agents are mostly required. However, optimum reinforcement is only obtained by using silica in combination with organosilanes, such as Si 69®, Si 75®, Si 266® or VP Si 363®. The silanes form a chemical bond between silica and rubber and lead to improved reinforcement and, in particular, to optimized dynamic properties.
Evonik has been producing these reinforcing components for decades and has generated an in-depth knowledge not only in the production area, but also in reinforcement, application and testing knowhow. Evonik engineers offer expertise for the optimum solution for rubber reinforcement with silica and organosilanes, now and in the future.