Press release
July 9, 2013

Quicker and cleaner: Bag-in-Box packaging for overseas customers

This kind of full bulk delivery, adapted for silica by our Handling Technology, is the right alternative to FIBCs. ULTRASIL® 7000 GR is being filled by means of a dedicated facility into an ISO shipping container which is equipped with a tailor made liner at the plant in Tayan, Taiwan, which belongs to the business unit Inorganic Materials. 

After being transported by sea and land, the container needs then to be tilted and the silica flows by gravity into the customers conveying system. The load of 16.5 tons of silica can be discharged and conveyed into the storage silo within 2.5 hours, a process which with FIBCs previously took between six and seven hours for just 13.2 metric tons of ULTRASIL® 7000 GR. The savings in time, the virtually dust free operation and the reduction of packaging material were the main factors for decision to switch from FIBC to Bag-in-Box. 

Beside the Bag-in-Box-System already utilized for milled SIPERNAT® grades in our plant in Nanping, P.R.China, this is the second success story of a Bag-in-Box concept as full-bulk-supply for overseas markets.