Product safety

Synthetically manufactured amorphous performance silica display the typical spectrum of an x-ray amorphous substance under x-ray analysis thus they do not contain any crystalline parts.


In Experiments on acute oral toxicity with rats showed an LD50 of 10.000 mg/kg.

No sensitization was apparent after Evonik performance silica were applied to the skin and mucous membranes of a rabbit. Concentrations for acute toxicity to fish (LC50, 96 h) and daphnia (EC50, 24 h) were above 10.000 mg/l, respectively.

Advice on safe handling

Working with performance silica may result in an electrostatic charge. For this reason, equipment and facilities employed must be grounded and/or rendered inert.

Legal Classification

Based on currently applicable standards of Chemical Substance Legislation, the Hazardous Substance Advisory and Transportation Regulations, Evonik performance silica are not classified as dangerous substances or goods.

You can obtain further information on product safety or product material safety data sheets from the relevant contact.


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